We are a group of professionals focused on delivering hits.

Para Music Group encompasses individuals with separate and unique abilities lending themselves to a common goal, delivering quality music. The overall excellence in this endeavor, however, rests in the comprehensive combined expertise of the principals of this company, with their backgrounds in the entertainment industry, business management, marketing, accounting, production, development, public relations, and technology. These strengths point to an overall understanding of the marketability and viability of each ‘product’ considered.

Corey Stanford, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Maurice Allgood, Chief Operating Officer

Gil Keyes, Chief Administrative Officer

John Henry Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer

Natasha Mays, Chief Marketing Officer

Cheryl Joyner, Chairman

Marcus Hutchins, Vice Chairman

Arthur Mandel, Senior Executive Vice President

Ashley Banks, Executive Vice President

Pavan Bahl, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Jean-Michel “MK” Thomas, Director of Visuals

Tiffany Barnes, Music Publishing Manager

Leandra Michelli, Office Manager

Daphnee Philippe, Executive Assistant

Maurice Ballard, Brand Liaison

Shardae McKnight, Public Relations Associate

Jasmine Philippe, Public Relations Associate

Bernard Grant, Marketing Associate

Shyrone Smith, Studio Manager

Afiya Wilson, Recording Engineer

Bradley Heckler, Recording Engineer

Ekaterina Chesnokova, Executive Director, Para Music Russia

Valeriy Alborov, Executive Producer, Para Music Russia

Nandagopalan Venkatesan, Senior Developer

Andriy Molchanov, Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Antonio Coleman

Alysha Wright

Byron “Famous Playa” Holloway

Dana Greenwood

Sywane “Smash” McManus

Candice Cook Simmons, Ca-Co Global Inc.

Jerald Tenenbaum, Morrison-Tenenbaum, PLLC

Peter Kennedy, K2 Access Partners

Rishabh Sharma, Poletus